Microsoft Techdays 2015 – Azure Deployment Pipeline in 25 minutes

This year I’m a speaker at the Dutch Microsoft TechDays conference. I have two sessions (of 25 mins each) in which I talk about DevOps related topics.

The blogpost about the first session can be found here.

In this second session I show the audience that in a short amount of time and with very little effort, a deployment pipeline can be setup only using Azure VM’s, Visual Studio Online and Microsoft Release Management (connected to Visual Studio Online). Even one of the two Azure VM’s I need are created during the session. Continue reading


SDN June 2013 conference – Additional links

During my talk at the SDN conference, I told about misconceptions regarding unit testing. Some people were looking at me with a frown when I told this. I would like to refer to the blog of Steve Fenton who wrote about this subject and I rate his post on this topic quite high;

Part 1:

Part 2:

During my talk I didn’t deep-dive into this topic because it was not my goal to tell people about unit testing.

Apart from that I got some questions about supported technologies and platforms for Coded UI testing. More information can be found here:


TechDays 2013 NL Slidedeck

Today I held my session about customizing TFS 2012 and as promised you’ll find the downloadlink to my slidedeck below. For the non-Dutch speakers I have to disappoint you; the presenation is in Dutch. It contains however some information which is not language-specific.

Techdays 2013 – Customizing TFS 2012

Edit: On request I created an English version of my presentation;

Techdays 2013 – Customizing TFS 2012 – English