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Controlling Azure DevOps from PowerShell

When using Azure DevOps frequently, a moment will come at which you’ll be faster executing a task using script rather than clicking your way through… There are a lot of reasons on why you should code repeating work, including:

  • Repeatability
  • Knowledge sharing (provided that you store the code in Version Control, accessible to your coworkers)
  • It’s fast

Today there are lots of possibilities and in this blogpost I’ll explain you how to use Az DevOps from PowerShell.

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Tips & Tricks

Move WordPress data from ClearDB MySQL to Azure Database for MySQL Server

For my family I host a WordPress website on Azure (using an Azure App Service). I created it a while ago. At that time, Azure Database for MySQL Server ( was not available yet, so the only choice was to host it at ClearDB (

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Enable audio recording for Exploratory Testing in Microsoft Test Manager 2012

One of the new and exciting features of Microsoft Test Manager 2012 is the enhanced support for Exploratory Testing. In the Test section of Testing Center, a new menu entry is available called “Do Exploratory Testing”. This is completely focused on Exploratory Testing.

The first time I started an Exploratory Testing session I noticed that one of the features is not working; Audio recording. I immediately noticed the warning;

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