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Enterprise-level Azure DevOps permissions from the trenches

Or how to implement role-based access control (RBAC) in Azure DevOps in enterprise environments and still keep it maintainable. 4 Antipatterns and an approach on how to implement this yourself!

Introduction and key values

Assigning permissions to users and groups of users in Azure DevOps in small companies, maybe up to about 25-50 employees is easy and straightforward. However, at a large scale one needs to think carefully about how to approach this. At a medium-sized customer (about 250 users) I had to redesign the permissions structure in Azure DevOps. Their most important requirement was to be able to manage access control through Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM – Microsoft MIM is put in place to implement role-based access control (RBAC – The idea behind their implementation is that team leads can approve access to systems (self-service), instead of a support team. This access was predefined by the system administrators by setting up MIM roles and (Azure) Active Directory (AAD) groups. By using MIM roles that are linked to AAD groups, it is no longer necessary to assign permissions to individual users, as adding them to a group is all that is needed.

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