Speaker @ Dutch Techdays 2015

6 05 2015

This year I will be speaking at the Dutch Techdays 2015. You can find me either on the stand of my employer (Delta-N) or on the Intel Innovation Platform. Both sessions will be about DevOps topics, read more on http://www.microsoft.com/netherlands/techdays/spreker.aspx?name=fokko-veegens. I will also be taking part in the “Ask me Anything” sessions. After Techdays, you’ll find a link to my slidedecks on this blog.

Hope to see you there!

Release Management – 0 minute timeout

29 12 2014

Although, for Release Management, Microsoft is focusing on agentless deployments, quite a lot of early-adopters are still bound to deployments using the Microsoft Deployment Agent. Debugging problems with these deployments is sometimes hard, because the error messages are not always descriptive for the actual problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Add permissions with TFSSecurity–The ultimate reference

29 07 2014

Originally posted on The Road to ALM:

Sooner or later, every TFS Administrator will face the challenge to set TFS Permissions with a script instead of the UI. When you start searching for this you will find TFSSecurity.

TFSSecurity is a command line tool and allows you to do all kinds of permissions activities. Adding groups, adding users to groups and setting permissions to artifacts in TFS. On of the hard things in TFS is the number of permissions you can set and the number of places where you can set them. You can find a list with all permissions in TFS on MSDN.

So, you have found TFSSecurity and you know what you want to set..Great ! Now you need to understand the TFSSecurity syntax. And that is, to say it nicely, very very hard.

To set permissions you need TFSSecurity /a+. The syntax of TFSSecurity looks like this

TFSSecurity /a+ Namespace Token…

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SDN June 2014 conference slidedeck – Be productive with Visual Studio Online in 30 minutes

10 06 2014

SDN_Logo_60This year -again- I presented at the (Dutch) SDN conference. Thanks to the visitors of my session!

The slidedeck of the session can be downloaded HERE. From this slidedeck, only a small part of the information provided in the session is visible. I did some nice demos on creating a build and publishing it to an Azure website within a few clicks.

Reporting on Test Cases

8 11 2013

For a customer I am creating reports related to Test Cases. In order to retrieve the data, I use the Tfs_Warehouse database (relational warehouse). For several situations, Microsoft has conveniently created SQL Server Views on top of the tables available in the database. For Test Cases the View “vDimTestCaseOverlay” is available. In my case however, this View had some “problems”…

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Delta-N wins Western European ALM Partner Award

10 10 2013

Originally posted on The Road to ALM:

ALMaward_kleinerThis week I attended the Western European ALM Partner Summit in my role as Business Unit Manager of the ALM unit within Delta-N.

The summit was 2 days and was held in Haarlem. The summit is meant for partners who are active in the ALM space and provide them with information about the business and the Microsoft proposition.

At the end of the 2 days traditionally awards are given to the companies who excelled the last year in providing ALM Services. Based on a set of criteria you can earn the award.

I am proud to say that Delta-N won this award for the sixth time in a row. For us this means a great reward of the things we are doing and an extra push to continue our business.

I’d like to mention my great colleagues Jasper, Fokko and Mark. Without their efforts the last year this…

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SDN June 2013 conference – Additional links

17 06 2013

During my talk at the SDN conference, I told about misconceptions regarding unit testing. Some people were looking at me with a frown when I told this. I would like to refer to the blog of Steve Fenton who wrote about this subject and I rate his post on this topic quite high;

Part 1: http://www.stevefenton.co.uk/Content/Blog/Date/201305/Blog/My-Unit-Testing-Epiphany/

Part 2: http://www.stevefenton.co.uk/Content/Blog/Date/201305/Blog/My-Unit-Testing-Epiphany-Continued/

During my talk I didn’t deep-dive into this topic because it was not my goal to tell people about unit testing.

Apart from that I got some questions about supported technologies and platforms for Coded UI testing. More information can be found here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd380742.aspx


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