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Move WordPress data from ClearDB MySQL to Azure Database for MySQL Server

For my family I host a WordPress website on Azure (using an Azure App Service). I created it a while ago. At that time, Azure Database for MySQL Server ( was not available yet, so the only choice was to host it at ClearDB (

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VSTS PAT used for Build Agent expires, now what?

When using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Build/Release Agents, the way to authenticate is through Personal Access Tokens (PAT). A PAT can either expire in 90 days, 180 days or 1 year. The question is: what happens after expiration with my Build/Release Agent? Will it stop working? What if I restart it after expiration?

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Visual Studio Team Services

Migrating a VSTS instance from MSA’s to AAD accounts

To setup a VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) account initially is very easy. The default user directory that is behind VSTS is a directory based on Microsoft Accounts (MSA). Quite some companies start by using MSA’s to access their VSTS instance and then decide to make the move to Azure Active Directory (AAD) once relevant data is already stored, but then face some issues.

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