Release Management

5 Key takeaways in Application Release Automation (ARA)

You might have already come across this acronym; ARA (Application Release Automation). As part of DevOps practices, this is not only the process of automating the actual installation of an application (landscape), but also involves moving the application through the deployment pipeline (e.g. dev > test > acc > prod).

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SonarQube, Visual Studio Online

Creating a Service Endpoint in Visual Studio Online fails with “User does not have required permissions for the service endpoint”

Today I was adding another (generic) Service Endpoint to Visual Studio Online in order to integrate one of our Team Projects with SonarQube. This Service Endpoint is the link that describes how the Build should connect to SonarQube. While creating it I got an error “User does not have required permissions for the service endpoint”

Service Endpoint Permissions - Error Message

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SDN June 2014 conference slidedeck – Be productive with Visual Studio Online in 30 minutes

SDN_Logo_60This year -again- I presented at the (Dutch) SDN conference. Thanks to the visitors of my session!

The slidedeck of the session can be downloaded HERE. From this slidedeck, only a small part of the information provided in the session is visible. I did some nice demos on creating a build and publishing it to an Azure website within a few clicks.


Team Foundation Service (TFS On Azure) considerations

UPDATE! With the launch of Visual Studio 2013 some of the information in the post below has been updated!

With the Visual Studio Online (TFS in the cloud aka Team Foundation Service aka now out of preview (as per the 31st of October), it is time to make some considerations.

  • Is a transition to the Azure environment for ALM repositories a do or don’t?
  • What are the pro’s and con’s?

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