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What TFS/Azure DevOps Server version do I have?

At the time of writing this blog, exactly 200 versions of Team Foundation Server(TFS)/Azure DevOps Server exist. This is including CTP’s (Community Technology Preview, RC’s (Release Candidate), SP’s (Service Pack), CU’s (Cumulative Updates), Hotfixes, Patches, Updates and of course RTM’s/RTW’s (Release To Manufacturing/Release To Web). When checking the version number (e.g. 18.181.32118.5), it’s not always clear what marketing version it corresponds to (Azure DevOps Server 2020.1.1 Patch 4). There is no complete list on the Microsoft website that shows all versions. That’s why I thought: let’s do something about it.

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Add permissions with TFSSecurity–The ultimate reference

The Road to ALM

Sooner or later, every TFS Administrator will face the challenge to set TFS Permissions with a script instead of the UI. When you start searching for this you will find TFSSecurity.

TFSSecurity is a command line tool and allows you to do all kinds of permissions activities. Adding groups, adding users to groups and setting permissions to artifacts in TFS. On of the hard things in TFS is the number of permissions you can set and the number of places where you can set them. You can find a list with all permissions in TFS on MSDN.

So, you have found TFSSecurity and you know what you want to set..Great ! Now you need to understand the TFSSecurity syntax. And that is, to say it nicely, very very hard.

To set permissions you need TFSSecurity /a+. The syntax of TFSSecurity looks like this

TFSSecurity /a+ Namespace Token…

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Reporting on Test Cases

For a customer I am creating reports related to Test Cases. In order to retrieve the data, I use the Tfs_Warehouse database (relational warehouse). For several situations, Microsoft has conveniently created SQL Server Views on top of the tables available in the database. For Test Cases the View “vDimTestCaseOverlay” is available. In my case however, this View had some “problems”…

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