Microsoft Techdays 2015 – Getting started with PowerShell for Release Management

This year I’m a speaker at the Dutch Microsoft TechDays conference. I have two sessions (of 25 mins each) in which I talk about DevOps related topics. The first one is “Getting started with PowerShell for Release Management”. It is a session which is actually targeted at Developers who are not yet familiar with PowerShell. PowerShell gets more and more important in a world where the boundaries between classic Development and Operations silos disappear. Developers will need to be more aware about the way their stuff needs to be deployed and Operations engineers need to cooperate with developers in order to provide an environment which works flawlessly. Continue reading


TechDays 2013 NL Slidedeck

Today I held my session about customizing TFS 2012 and as promised you’ll find the downloadlink to my slidedeck below. For the non-Dutch speakers I have to disappoint you; the presenation is in Dutch. It contains however some information which is not language-specific.

Techdays 2013 – Customizing TFS 2012

Edit: On request I created an English version of my presentation;

Techdays 2013 – Customizing TFS 2012 – English