Reporting on Test Cases

For a customer I am creating reports related to Test Cases. In order to retrieve the data, I use the Tfs_Warehouse database (relational warehouse). For several situations, Microsoft has conveniently created SQL Server Views on top of the tables available in the database. For Test Cases the View “vDimTestCaseOverlay” is available. In my case however, this View had some “problems”…

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SDN June 2013 conference – Additional links

During my talk at the SDN conference, I told about misconceptions regarding unit testing. Some people were looking at me with a frown when I told this. I would like to refer to the blog of Steve Fenton who wrote about this subject and I rate his post on this topic quite high;

Part 1:

Part 2:

During my talk I didn’t deep-dive into this topic because it was not my goal to tell people about unit testing.

Apart from that I got some questions about supported technologies and platforms for Coded UI testing. More information can be found here:

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Enable audio recording for Exploratory Testing in Microsoft Test Manager 2012

One of the new and exciting features of Microsoft Test Manager 2012 is the enhanced support for Exploratory Testing. In the Test section of Testing Center, a new menu entry is available called “Do Exploratory Testing”. This is completely focused on Exploratory Testing.

The first time I started an Exploratory Testing session I noticed that one of the features is not working; Audio recording. I immediately noticed the warning;

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