New features, Release Management, Visual Studio Online

Connect(); 2015 Twitter timeline

Find all of my tweets published during the keynote sessions of Microsoft Connect(); event on November 18th, 2015.

‘s number one source of stress (after a lot of new tech use): 😉

Really cool demo of Azure Service Fabric possibilities by , doing a live update 🙂

, I rest my case!

I love codesearch in !!

Problems always start appearing just before demo time 😉

Work Item customization in at last!!

Exploratory testing plugin on a physical mobile device using a browser! Can’t wait!!

Nice test heads-up display as part of the Build results! presented by 😉

Amazing amount of integrations in already available!!

Nice, great news!!! Package Management as part of

Very nice extension already built for Visual Studio Team Services: “visualizer”, pretty cool!

Visual Studio Team Services extensions, marketplace for

on stage!

Visual Studio Dev Essentials license includes some great benefits!

Visual Studio Subscription instead of buying a monolithic license…

Very nice Use Case for IoT at , GOJO

Create a Work Item from feedback delivered through HockeyApp using a mobile device,

Microsoft building an Android emulator to run on the Mac , how is that for !! Great work!!

Deploy to Linux machines using new “Release Management” feature is possible!

VSO is now called Visual Studio Team Services. Makes me remember VSTS (Visual Studio Team System)

Visual Studio Code going open source live during !!

Visual Studio Code now open source! Contribute your part to this great tool

Visual Studio Code now officially beta. I would say it’s already RTM 😉 , it’s so amazing already!

Google employee talking at ?

Visual Studio Online is now Visual Studio Team Services!! Not yet announced at , but already blogged by … 🙂

Visual Studio Code extensions!! Install e.g. Pascal syntax highlighting (for anyone still working in old-skool languages ;))

I love the intellisense in Visual Studio Code, even on the Mac!

Dotnet core debugging with Visual Studio Code on a Mac

“Tech Previews” installs of Visual Studio vNext, isolated, side by side with “regular” VS installs

With Visual Studio vNext “minimal” install,even e.g. php has syntax highlighting and intellisense

Install Visual Studio “minimal” in minutes, only megabytes…

dotnet compile -o output… Compile a dotnet app on a Linux machine 🙂

Finally online looking . at the controls is always interesting 🙂

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