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Enable audio recording for Exploratory Testing in Microsoft Test Manager 2012

One of the new and exciting features of Microsoft Test Manager 2012 is the enhanced support for Exploratory Testing. In the Test section of Testing Center, a new menu entry is available called “Do Exploratory Testing”. This is completely focused on Exploratory Testing.

The first time I started an Exploratory Testing session I noticed that one of the features is not working; Audio recording. I immediately noticed the warning;


OK, so where to start? All data automatically gathered during testing is configured by “Test Settings” using Data Adapters. The Test Settings can be setup through the Test Plan properties;


Scrolling down to the “Run Settings”, there is a pulldown list for Test Settings for Manual runs;


When clicked it shows a short list. Now we need to add a new entry or change an existing one;


Give it a name and click the tab Data and Diagnostics;


Notice the entry “Video Recorder”? By default it’s switched off. Switch it on by clicking the checkbox;


Click the Configure button


Check the “Enable audio recording” checkbox and click “Save”; Save and close the Test Setting and go back to “Test” > “Do Exploratory Testing” from the main menu. Now start exploring, but choose “Explore with options” by clicking the down arrow at the right of the Explore button;


In the options, select the Test Settings you have just created;


Click “Explore” and notice the information in the lower left side of the screen;


It works! Keep in mind that video/audio recordings are only saved after closing/saving the exploratory test session. So if you create a bug during the test session and don’t close the test session, the video/audio will not be available yet in this bug!

Happy testing.


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